High speed and long distance Broadband Ethernet radio

Broadband Radio REPEATIT - Trinity-823 Trinity 800 products deliver robust Ethernet wireless links over dozen kilimeters in the 5 and 6 GHz frequency bands with up to 700 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth Trinity broadband wireless products have opened a new era for wireless Ethernet networks thanks to innovative solutions that combine high performance, strong robustness even in 3-5 GHz congested...
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New Xirrus XA-4 Wi-Fi Access Point

New Xirrus XA-4 Wi-Fi Access Point fits complex requirements of high density and very large coverage environments Xirrus XA-4 AP delivers highest Wi-Fi density in large coverage sites such as conference centers, airports, stadiums, etc. Read more... Download our Xirrus documentation Don't hesitate to contact us for more information
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Discover 10 Tips to a Better-Than-Ever Wi-Fi Network

When it comes to designing a Wi-Fi network solution, one size definitely does not fit all. Wi-Fi networks must support the increasing number and diversity of devices used on the network. Accelerating bandwidth demands most often outpace Wi-Fi service performance. Understanding how Wi-Fi networks operate, makes it easier to develop intelligent traffic management strategies. In the new Xirrus...
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