High speed and long distance Broadband Ethernet radio

CXR Repeatit Trinity broadband wireless

Broadband Radio REPEATIT - Trinity-823

Trinity 800 products deliver robust Ethernet wireless links over dozen kilimeters in the 5 and 6 GHz frequency bands with up to 700 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth

Trinity broadband wireless products have opened a new era for wireless Ethernet networks thanks to innovative solutions that combine high performance, strong robustness even in 3-5 GHz congested environments, free, easy and scalable management, and unequaled cost reductions.

Trinity 800 series are ruggedized and highly performing broadband wireless bridges that deliver up to700 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth over several tens kilometers. Carrier frequency is software adjustable for easier commissioning. Radio channel synchronization reduces interferences and provides more robust radio links even in complex environments.



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