Trinity 800 Broadband Wireless in the 5-6 GHz bands

Trinity 800 products deliver robust Ethernet wireless links over dozen kilimeters in the 5 and 6 GHz frequency bands with up to 700 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth

CXR Repeatit Trinity broadband wirelessTrinity broadband wireless products have opened a new era for wireless Ethernet networks thanks to innovative solutions that combine high performance, strong robustness even in 3-5 GHz congested environments, free, easy and scalable management, and unequaled cost reductions.

Trinity 800 series are ruggedized and highly performing broadband wireless bridges that deliver up to700 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth over several tens kilometers. Carrier frequency is software adjustable for easier commissioning. Radio channel synchronization reduces interferences and provides more robust radio links even in complex environments.

Trinity wireless bridges distinguish from other products from their ease of operation and their extreme robustness even in the most difficult environments. Antenna adjustment is assisted with light and audio indicators, as well as a web interface GUI. Trinity bridges protect Ethernet traffics with both radio and AES-128 encryptions with less than 1ms latency. Best throughput is reached thanks to an automatic error and packet loss detection and correction that avoid packet retransmission. 

Your network or networks of your customers can be securely managed from the Internet. Cloud Management enables network management and proactive radio link management to anticipate any environment change that could impact the radio link performance. Each Trinity product comes with a free Cloud Management license.

Trinity 800 Broadband Wireless bridges deliver high speed Ethernet radio links and avoid expensive ground infrastructures to many various applications. Trinity products have an integrated antenna and they are designed in a small and nice package that make them very discrete in their environment.

Trinity 800 has 2 gigabit Ethernet ports to connect another Ethernet equipment such as a video camera and to feed it with POE power supply. Its Multiflex function allows PtMP to be synchronized with PtP enabling ultra-high performance with smart channel re-use in congested 5 and 3 GHz environments.

gigabit Ethernet broabdand wireless

  • Video protection
  • First-Mile, Last-Mile access
  • Enterprise interconnections
  • Smart Grid
  • Electric substations
  • Highway and railway signaling and information stations
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Water distribution and waste collection
  • Adjustable frequencies in the 5-6 GHz bands
  • Radio channel adjustable between 5 and 80 MHz
  • Embedded or external antenna (Trinity 800)
  • Long distance radio : +150 km
  • Max Ethernet bandwidth: 700 Mbps
  • Typical latency: 1 ms
  • Ethernet encryption: AES-128
  • 2x Ethernet port with POE
  • Management: Snmp, Web interface, VLAN, Cloud
  • Protection : IP-67 (IP-68 on option)
  • Embedded surge protection 
  • Operating temperature: -50 to +90 °C
  • Size : 370x370xx95 m
  • Weight : 4 kg
  • Max power consumption: 15 W

Trinity 823      5 or 6 GHz bridge with 24 dBi embedded antenna, 170 km distance, 700 Mbps Ethernet bandwidth