Tracker 823 Wireless Ethernet bridge for mobile vehicle

Tracker 823 extends Wireless Ethernet connectivity to mobile system such as boats and ferries approaching coasts and harbors

CXR Repeatit Trinity broadband wirelessThe Tracker Ethernet bridge provide a wireless broadband connectivity in the 5 GHz band with 700 Mbps throughput over distances up to 24 km and more. The embedded antenna aligns automaticaly on the move to deliver a robust and high speed Ethernet connection.

This range of wireless broadband bridges revolutionizes the Ethernt - IP connectivity for mobile systems at incredibly performance and cost condistions. Tracker embeds a GPS receiver and a tracking controller to fixed base stations. The network management is easy from a Cloud based solution. All products are ruggedized in a IP-68 enclosure. 

Tracker and Trinity bridges protect Ethernet traffics with both radio and AES-128 encryptions with 1ms latency. Best throughput is reached thanks to an automatic error and packet loss detection and correction that avoid packet retransmission.  Your network or networks of your customers can be securely managed from the Internet. Cloud Management enables network management and proactive radio link management to anticipate any environment change that could impact the radio link performance. Each product comes with a free Cloud Management license.

Tracker Broadband Wireless products extend Ethernet connectivity to mobile systems such as boats approaching coasts and harbors over distances up to 24 km and more. The 700 Mbps throughput supports all requirements of ferry and inter-island operators, harbor works and security and also Wi-Fi Internet access to passengers.

Tracker Ethernet navire mobile

Tracker 823 is a revolution to maritime communications:

  • Robust communication up to 700 Mbps and +24km
  • Ruggedized design for off-shore environment
  • Automatic antena positionng when boat is on the move
  • Cloud based management system
  • Incredibly fast return on invest
  • Adjustable frequencies in the 5 GHz bands
  • Radio channel adjustable between 20 and 80 MHz
  • 24 dBi embedded antenna with automatic position control
  • Distance : +24 km
  • Max Ethernet bandwidth: 700 Mbps
  • Typical latency: 1 ms
  • Ethernet encryption: AES-128
  • 1x Ethernet port 
  • Management: Snmp, Web interface, VLAN, Cloud
  • Protection : IP-68
  • Embedded surge protection 
  • Operating temperature: -30 to +65 °C
  • Weight : 15 kg
  • Max power consumption: 20 W

Tracker 823      Tracker unit, 24 dBi antena, +24 km, 700 Mbps Ethernet, 0.3° high accuracy GPS receiver

Tracker 823S    Tracker unit, 24 dBi antena, +24 km, 700 Mbps Ethernet, 4° accuracy GPS receiver